Canyoneering is an exciting, adventurous way to explore southern Utah’s hidden world of sandstone gorges. These clefts in the earth offer paradise scenery and great challenges, but most canyons are a one-way street. Once you drop in, you must finish, so it’s not an activity most novices, even athletic individuals, should start on their own.

Here at Redrock, canyoneering is our specialty. Our experienced guides can choose an adventure that’s suited to your fitness, experience and confidence levels, then teach you the techniques and subtle tricks to start becoming a self-sufficient canyon adventurer. Rental of helmets, harnesses and technical gear is included in your day rate. And don’t forget your camera!

Where We Guide

Our 2.4-million-acre operation area covers Capitol Reef National Park and the vast Henry Mountains BLM District. Together they comprise the most magnificent and uncrowded canyon country in southern Utah.

See these brief descriptions of the specific regions we guide, and check out the yellow page links for more detailed info and photos.


[] Capitol Reef National Park adjacent to our Torrey, Utah offices.

[] North Wash/Hog Springs  approximately 30 miles south of Hanksville, and 90 minutes from Torrey.

[] Poison Springs Canyon approximately 20 miles south of Hanksville, and 80 minutes from Torrey.

[] Robbers Roost/Dirty Devil area, approximately 20 miles NE of Hanksville, with long dirt-road approaches from there. Most trailheads lie 1.5 hours from Hanksville. 2.5-3 hours from Torrey. Our trips here require a minimum of two consecutive days, but the scenery and solitude are magnificent.

Capitol Reef

rag-website-2403Capitol Reef National Park is southern Utah’s most spectacular and least-crowded park. This quarter-million-acre paradise is defined by the Waterpocket Fold, a series of steep, slickrock domes, more sandstone mountains than canyon country.

“The Reef” lies only 6 to 10 miles from Torrey, and sits at higher elevations than the rest of our permit area, offering cooler summer temperatures, and dramatic horizons.

Some of the best canyons here have a maximum of 10 guests/2 guides, but most have a maximum group size of 6 total; perfect for the small-group, custom guiding we prefer. For more specifics and photos, click this or other links to our Capitol Reef Canyoneering page.

Beyond Capitol Reef

p4235245-2The Bureau of Land Management’s 2.1-million-acre Hanksville District is easily one of Canyon Country’s top three wilderness regions, and the richest canyoneering playground in North America. At least 50 acrobatic gorges lie hidden among its remote plateaus, their difficulty ranging  from easy to epic. Most are tight, twisting Navajo sandstone slots, bright orange gorges that usually feature shorter rappels, but lots of squeezing, downclimbing, chimneying, the occasional pool swim or wade, and deep, haunting hallways.

The area includes noted canyoneering destinations such as North Wash, Hog Springs, the tributaries of Poison Springs Canyon, the Dirty Devil River, and the immense Robbers Roost wilderness.

A simplified list of canyons in this vast playground includes: The Poison Spring Forks (5); Maidenwater Forks (2); Bluejohn Forks (5); Butler Canyon Forks (2), the Mindbender Forks of Robbers Roost (3), Robbers Roost Forks (4); the Dante Canyons (4); North and South Maidenwater, Larry Canyon, Alcatraz, Miss Piggy, and Hogwarts.This wealth of objectives means we can select the best conditions, challenge, and scenery for your trip.

p4231419remote  Logistics

Canyons in the North Wash, Poison Springs, and Hog Springs area require a 90-minute drive, each way, from our Torrey office or nearby motels. They are best pursued from accommodations in Hanksville, or nearby car camps. Your guides will rendezvous with you each morning for day trips.

Canyons in the remote but spectacular Robbers Roost, and Dirty Devil regions are best pursued from numerous car-accessed base camp sites near your destination.

Most guests camp on their own, but we also offer fully-supported custom base camp services, with optional camping gear rental, and gourmet on-site cooking/catering. Please call in advance to arrange such services.




If you want to push your limits, or visit destinations where few have gone before, we can take you there…and back.


Contact us for plot-hatching, consultations, and price quotes.


2018 RATES

Please note our reservations, deposit, and cancellation policies.

[] Canyoneering

[] $425/day. 1 to 2 guests
[] $125 each additional guest
[] Maximum 4 per guide

[] $75/trip surcharge North Wash/Poison Springs/Hog Springs

[] $100/trip surcharge for Robbers Roost/Dirty Devil.

[] Call for quotes on larger groups or multi-day packages.

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