Gear List – Backpacking Trips

Backpacker sorts and loads equipment for a long backpacking trip

Use the list below to avoid forgetting key items. Be wary of including too many luxuries, clothes, or accessories. Lightweight packs make travel more enjoyable, tough terrain easier, and help you avoid blisters, falls, and stress injuries.


Contact us at 435-425-3339; with any additional questions about rental equipment, expected weather conditions, proper footwear, or which optional accessories to bring.

NOTE: We recommend bringing extra layers and storm gear to Torrey. This allows for last minute tailoring to current conditions. Overnight trips include breakfasts and dinners. Guests are responsible for their own lunches and trail snacks on all day trips and overnight journeys.



[] Hiking socks, 2 sets

[] Shorts (quick-dry)

[] Cotton T-shirt (Long-or short-sleeved. Not black or dark)

[] Sun hat

[] 2 Bandannas/sweat bands

[] Long pants or zip-offs

[] Long-sleeved shirt with collar or zip T-neck

[] Sweater, down or fleece

[] Warm hat

[] Light gloves (optional in hot weather)

[] WP/B shell jacket and pants

[] Lightweight camp shoes or sandals (may be needed for stream crossings or slot canyon pools)

[] Lingerie/undergarments to taste



[] Boots (Note: Ankle- or mid-heights are best. “Running shoe” soles are fine. No need to over-boot. Make sure they’re well broken in and not too tight. Avoid mesh shoes, they fill with sand, and require continual emptying.)

[] Breathable ankle gaiters (optional)

[] Trekking poles (Rubber cane tips help with traction on slickrock)

[] Backpack (15-30 liters for day trips, 50 to 70 liters for overnights and longer, depending on gear volume)

[] River/camp sandals



[] Tent or Tarp, with loops at guy-out points for using rocks. (This is poor staking ground).

[] Sleeping Pad & patch kit

[] Sleeping Bag, 20F -or warmer- for spring trips

[] Ground sheet (optional but recommended for self-inflating pads)

[] Lightweight mosquito net (optional for tarp or open camping).



[] Personal medications

[] Your own cup, bowl, utensils.

[] All trail snacks and lunch food, per your personal tastes. (Salt Lake, Grd Jct, or Moab offer best selection)

[] Reliable 100 oz. hydration bladder, or 1-liter water bottles. (Hydration bladders are best.)

[] Auxiliary water carrying capacity to total 6 liters/person. (Two-liter Platypus bottle/bags work well.)

[] Toiletry kit (keep it light and compact)

[] Pack Towel (1 per couple, optional)

[] Sunscreen, 30 spf or better

[] Lip Balm, 30 spf or better

[] Sunglasses, with hard case and cleaning cloth

[] Headlamp with new, or spare, batteries

[] Bug Repellant (optional for spring trips. Rarely needed summer or autumn.)

[] Pocket knife

[] Camera or camcorder, with spare batteries and memory cards (optional)

[] Large stuff bag, to hold your gear/food for trade-out at resupply points.



[] All park permitting

[] Shuttle

[] All navigation (maps, compass, GPS, route info).

[] Group cookware, stove, fuel, dinners, breakfasts.

[] Water filter/purification

[] Group First Aid Kit

[] Emergency satellite beacon

[] Lightweight rope for scramble safety